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TripKit export in A5 format as in the old PocketFMS

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Requested by Stephane

I tried printing the A4 pdf export printing as a booklet with Adobe Acrobat, but the result is too small room to write
down ETA original revised, compared to the one in the old pocketfms
layout, which is the best one my humble opinion !

Would you add this view in tripkit export format in EV4?  I have always to launch old pocketfms version on my pc to get it.

This a5 format is so convenient!


all best

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Huhhh? Our current tripkit in PDF can nicely be printed in booklet A5 by most pdf readers?



Yes Rob! I really tried, but the chart layout was changed and is not as convenient as the old A5 one in pocketfms....during a flight , it's impossible to write down is such little boxes!

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