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Suggestion UAT ADS-B weather (precipitation and metars, tafs)

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Will only work in the UK.

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Actually Denmark is implementing UAT Weather also.



Cool!! Note that EasyVFR3 already is capable of rendering precipitation radar images from UAT.


Karl Erik Nielsen 23 Juni 2019 17:36

On the Danish vice President of AOPA I understand that AOPA is in dialog with EASA to have UAT accepted in the European sky. Tests are going on at a couple of places in the UK and one station in Denmark at least.

It might be a thought worth to talk to those AOPA guys of the future of UAT. I am looking forward to be able to see all FLARM, UAT and ADS-B information on the moving map of EasyVFR.


In some countries weather information is broadcasted on the UAT freq. With a Skyecho2 or similar it is possible to get an actual weather overlay on the moving map together with ads-b information.

As far as I know it was incorporated in the EV3, so it should be straightforward to include this functionality in EV4.


Hi Karl, I locked this suggestion because its a duplicate of . Please upvote that one 😉




I suggest you take another look at this link

There has been some development and based on information in the linked web page I think weather overlay will be a possibility in more countries soon.

AOPA states “Popular navigation software like Foreflight, SkyDemon and EasyVFR all support the technology and will display both traffic and weather directly in the app”. Regarding EasyVFR this is only thrue using versing 3, but not version 4 ?

As weather overlay has been possible in Denmark for a couple of years I now see more of my pilot friends in the flying club choosing one of the other mentioned products instead of EasyVFR.

My I suggest, that you give the weather overlay a second thought.

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