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Done Warning system for Airspaces

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visual and audible warning system for airspaces

Russ Pinder 18 April 2019 00:53

How can this not be at the very top of the to do list?

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I agree that airspace labels and warnings are high priority.

I guess that Rob wants to achieve a certain level of stability with the existing features before adding new (non-trivial) ones which might complicate the bug hunting process.


Recent 3 weeks where focused on stability, German GAFOR and Aero Friedrichshafen. During the aero we received a lot of feedback and discovered ourselfs a few handful of -room for improvement- items, some of which also reported on this forum already. During last week’s Aero we nailed one more crashing bug, hopefully not many more are left ;-). Upcoming release has also a handful of bugfixes,  the 2&3 point measurement tool, moving route waypoints up or down in the routeplan and support for Slovania, Portugal, Slovakia and Croatia. Currently working on trying that VPV bug out. Next we’ll work on the airspacelabels, and the UI guys are almost ready defining ideas for the warningsystem. 

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