Unveiling Our New Canadian VNC-Style chart for Dynon ??️✈️

by | mei 12, 2023 | Development

Hi Aviators,

We’re super excited to share a sneak peek of our latest initiative here at the PocketFMS Foundation – a prototype VNC-style charting solution tailored specifically for Dynon SkyView users! ? This innovative chart integrates our existing Canadian Aeronautical and Obstacle data with the OpenStreetMap and NASA terrain data, to provide comprehensive and precise VFR flight information.

Our Commitment to Excellence ?

Your insights and feedback have always been the driving force behind our continuous improvements. Now, we’re embarking on a new journey to offer more comprehensive charting solutions, and once again, we need your help to make this product the best it can be! ?

Free to Use During the Development Phase ??

This is where it gets even better! During the development phase, our first iteration, featuring the loved EasyVFR map design with data from the April 2023 AIRAC cycle, is completely free to download and use. During the development phase, we’ll send you chart updates with each new AIRAC cycle at no cost and no strings attached, keeping you ahead of the game at all times.

Join Us and Make a Difference ?

Your valuable insights will help us refine this tool and shape its future. Participating is as easy as pie! Just fill out the form below to subscribe to our free mailing list. You’ll receive the latest chart at no cost. What’s more? The installation is a breeze – simply download the files from the email you receive upon subscribing and copy them to your Dynon USB stick for usage on your SkyView system.

Your Contribution Matters ❤️

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts at team@easyvfr4.aero. Your contribution will significantly shape the future of this product. ?

Thank you for your consideration, and we eagerly look forward to your insights. ?️

Happy Flying! ?

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