Pilots can now experience enhanced safety and seamless navigation with EasyVFR 4, now featuring a fully integrated version of SafeSky Premium for optimal traffic monitoring.

SafeSky, the leading provider of in-flight traffic information services, and the proactive situational awareness app EasyVFR, have announced a major breakthrough in their quest to offer the most comprehensive in flight information service for pilots. Today, they are proud to announce the launch of the fully embedded version of the SafeSky Premium app with EasyVFR 4, the popular navigation software. This means that pilots can now enjoy the best of both worlds in one seamless service, without needing separate apps.

SafeSky Premium in EasyVFR
SafeSky Premium in EasyVFR 4

This new integration is a major step forward in delivering the highest standard of safety and comfort with in-flight traffic and navigation. The ability for pilots to access real-time traffic information, weather updates, airspace activations, and accurate navigation data all in one place.
In addition, the SafeSky community now also receives EasyVFR pilot’s positions, which further reinforces SafeSky’s unprecedented traffic awareness and ambition to make the invisible visible.

“EasyVFR’s mission is to give pilots peace of mind by enhancing situational awareness,” said Tim PETER, Product & Marketing Lead at EasyVFR. “The new EasyVFR 4 Essential app delivers to that. Offering the essential features and official data, always up-to-date – for free. Ensuring confident navigation across all European countries for all airspace users.”
“We are extremely proud to collaborate with SafeSky to now introduce the first navigation app ready for e-Conspicuity and ADS-L. Boosting traffic awareness and sky safety. This collaboration highlights our commitment to a supportive community, empowering aviators with advanced technology for confident and safe flying.”

Tim PETER, Product & Marketing Lead at EasyVFR

“Our goal at SafeSky has always been to provide our pilots with the most comprehensive and convenient in-flight traffic information services,” said Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky. “This new collaboration with EasyVFR is a game-changer, as it offers pilots unparalleled safety and navigation comfort. Pilots can access both platforms without the need for separate applications. They no longer need to think about launching SafeSky, it will happen automatically. We are proud to be at the forefront of this unique service and are excited to offer our pilots an even more streamlined experience.”

Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky

The new bundle can be obtained via EasyVFR’s webshop, and all pilots can enjoy a 30-day trial to explore the wonders of this new world of embedded traffic and navigation. Just download the EasyVFR app and see traffic today.

This innovative service is the result of EasyVFR’s belief that collaboration is the key to innovation, by tapping into the strengths and expertise of industry players. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our pilot users, who through their feedback and ideas, played a crucial role in shaping this new offering.

Contact us for more information on this exciting new development. If you want to try it out, visit the EasyVFR website today and download the app!

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