SafeSky Traffic Awareness Embedded in EasyVFR

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Development, Press Release | 11 comments

Pilots can now experience enhanced safety and seamless navigation with EasyVFR 4, now featuring a fully integrated version of SafeSky Premium for optimal traffic monitoring.

SafeSky, the leading provider of in-flight traffic information services, and the proactive situational awareness app EasyVFR, have announced a major breakthrough in their quest to offer the most comprehensive in flight information service for pilots. Today, they are proud to announce the launch of the fully embedded version of the SafeSky Premium app with EasyVFR 4, the popular navigation software. This means that pilots can now enjoy the best of both worlds in one seamless service, without needing separate apps.

SafeSky Premium in EasyVFR
SafeSky Premium in EasyVFR 4

This new integration is a major step forward in delivering the highest standard of safety and comfort with in-flight traffic and navigation. The ability for pilots to access real-time traffic information, weather updates, airspace activations, and accurate navigation data all in one place.
In addition, the SafeSky community now also receives EasyVFR pilot’s positions, which further reinforces SafeSky’s unprecedented traffic awareness and ambition to make the invisible visible.

“EasyVFR’s mission is to give pilots peace of mind by enhancing situational awareness,” said Tim PETER, Product & Marketing Lead at EasyVFR. “The new EasyVFR 4 Essential app delivers to that. Offering the essential features and official data, always up-to-date – for free. Ensuring confident navigation across all European countries for all airspace users.”
“We are extremely proud to collaborate with SafeSky to now introduce the first navigation app ready for e-Conspicuity and ADS-L. Boosting traffic awareness and sky safety. This collaboration highlights our commitment to a supportive community, empowering aviators with advanced technology for confident and safe flying.”

Tim PETER, Product & Marketing Lead at EasyVFR

“Our goal at SafeSky has always been to provide our pilots with the most comprehensive and convenient in-flight traffic information services,” said Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky. “This new collaboration with EasyVFR is a game-changer, as it offers pilots unparalleled safety and navigation comfort. Pilots can access both platforms without the need for separate applications. They no longer need to think about launching SafeSky, it will happen automatically. We are proud to be at the forefront of this unique service and are excited to offer our pilots an even more streamlined experience.”

Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky

The new bundle can be obtained via EasyVFR’s webshop, and all pilots can enjoy a 30-day trial to explore the wonders of this new world of embedded traffic and navigation. Just download the EasyVFR app and see traffic today.

This innovative service is the result of EasyVFR’s belief that collaboration is the key to innovation, by tapping into the strengths and expertise of industry players. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our pilot users, who through their feedback and ideas, played a crucial role in shaping this new offering.

Contact us for more information on this exciting new development. If you want to try it out, visit the EasyVFR website today and download the app!

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  1. Josef Klees

    Muss ich meine App updaten um den Verkehr zu sehen?
    Kostet mich SafeSky etwas?
    Gibt es einen Button in Systemeinstellungen oder Preference um den Verkehr zu aktivieren?
    Viele Grüße Josef

  2. Tim Peter

    Hi Josef,

    Thank you for your interest in SafeSky Premium integration in EasyVFR! The integration can be used from version 4.1.404, and you can always download the latest version from our website:

    With SafeSky Premium, you can enjoy a 30-day trial automatically activated upon opening the EasyVFR 4 app without the need for a credit card. To continue using SafeSky Premium after the trial period, you can easily subscribe through our shop:

    ✅ How to Enable SafeSky in EasyVFR: Simply open EasyVFR 4 and tap on the Status dot (red/amber/green). Tap on Traffic, scroll down, and enable “Share own location with SafeSky” and “Get Traffic from SafeSky”.

    👀 See Traffic: SafeSky Premium provides enhanced traffic awareness, allowing you to see all traffic around you when planning and flying. It is compatible with all EasyVFR licenses.

    👍 Be Seen: Even without a SafeSky Premium license, all EasyVFR users can share their position on the SafeSky network when flying. By doing so, you help increase safety for all aviators and be ready for the new age of e-Conspicuity.

    More details are listed in our knowledge base:

    We hope this information is helpful, and we invite you to learn more about SafeSky Premium integration in EasyVFR and increase your flying safety. Let us know if you have any further questions or comments.


  3. rvt

    Congratulations on having SafeSky in EasyVFR and with a little luck we also will beable to add ADB-L into all EFB applications!

    I just downloaded EasyFVR again and I think the map looks gorgeous, whoever decided on the colors and general look of it deserves a raise.

    However, I cannot get used to the menu’s, buttons and what not…

    I have seen buttons where the last two letters are broken totally incorrect, mixed languages on questions like : Are you sure? [Ja] [No], Text sizes are different in a menu for no apparent reason. Mixed languages for text (Something with Timespan voor NOTAMs….) while the header clearly says ‘Tijdframe’
    Other text like ‘Weet je het zeker dat je wilzet het aan?’ (no kidding…) I know you guys are from Holland!
    Scrolling, selecting in large menu’s. Text’s are cursive for no apparent reason. Sometimes the whole UI changes background color from white to gray and I have zero idea why..
    Some text is so small, I cannot read it..

    EasyVFR is a great tool, please fix the menu’s, texts and work on the speediness of the UI, updates on the screen are still slow compared to other mapping and EFB applications.

    • Tim Peter

      Hi there,

      Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and kind words about our SafeSky integration in EasyVFR and the aesthetics of our maps! We’re thrilled to hear that you find the map design appealing.

      We genuinely appreciate your constructive feedback on the menu, buttons, and user interface. We understand that there’s room for improvement, and we’re actively working on refining each tool and menu for a more native style and seamless workflow. The white cards you mentioned are a step in that direction. Ensuring proper and consistent translations and labeling is high on our priority list, and we’re making changes to our internal processes and tools to address this. In fact, we release updates about every other week, each with improvements based on user feedback like yours.

      Regarding the font size, we’re glad to let you know that you can customize it to your preference. Simply go to the EasyVFR 4 menu, select “Preferences,” and then choose “Readability” to adjust the font size as needed.

      Once again, thank you for your valuable input. We’re committed to making EasyVFR a top-notch tool for our users, and your feedback is instrumental in achieving that. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further suggestions or concerns.

      Warm regards,

  4. Blangy

    It is great if you use EV4 on a tablet in the plane.
    On the other hand, it is a pity not to have SafeSky on Dynon because it would require a third screen (iPhone or iPad) in the case of an aircraft already equipped with 2 Dynon and space would be lacking in an ULM.
    The objective is still to look outside to ensure safety.

  5. Bacconnier

    Does the frequent user suscription to PocketFMS permit to beneficie of all safesky services ?
    Best regard

    • Rob Weijers

      Hi Jean-Luc,

      Unfortunately not; you will need a SafeSky premium license eventually to keep keep using this integration after the 30 days trial. Its an add-on license you can either obtain from SafeSky or via our own shop (which we prefer of course ;-))

  6. Rob Weijers

    Hi Patrice,

    Of course its most important to keep looking outside! But technology can assist human observations in some great ways, and this traffic integration is a good example.

    We are in close contact with Dynon and are evaluating possibilities to feed this information into SkyView systems also.

  7. Jozef Poffyn

    I already have a safesky premium subscription. Will the integration automatically continue when the trial-period ends 15 april, or do I have to do something?

    • Rob Weijers

      Hi Jozef,

      You can activate your existing SafeSky Premium license to EasyVFR 4 from within the latest SafeSky App. See for details, scroll down to the section “How to use my SafeSky Premium license bought at SafeSky in EasyVFR?”

  8. Jozef Poffyn

    Thanks Rob,
    once Safesky coupled with EV4 on a device having both, it immediately also works on a device with only EV4. Great!

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