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Public 4.0.866 public release (28JAN2021)

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Some notes on today's update

Release notes

This version solves two minor issues and is submitted to the European Google Play and Apple App Store for the first official public release! ?

  • IMPROVED: Minor improvement to rivers rendering
  • FIXED: Stability on some iPad and iPhone models

All previous release notes are listed here.


Current development challenges

Improving performance and simplifying functionalities
We ask your help for the optimization hunt. If you encounter any bugs or issues or have some suggestions, it would be helpful if you would post them here at the forum or send an email to" target="true" rel="noopener">

Best is to include with your message a screen-recording and or some sketches along with some contextual information.

When reporting a bug: EasyVFR's version number, your device's model, operating system, and some explanation on how and when the issue occurs would be useful. So that we can try to reproduce it.

Android 11 and macOS Big Sur
We are close to implementing a workaround to solve the Android 11 related performance issues. MacOS Big Sur is currently not supported.



Apple iOS & iPadOS

  • Minimum requirements:
    • 64-bit and 2GB RAM. Effectively:
      • iPad Air 2 and higher.
      • iPad Mini 4 and higher.
      • iPhone 6S and higher.
    • The iPad Mini 5 and iPad Pro perform extremely well.
  • Download
    1. Install the Apple TestFlight app via the Apple AppStore.
    2. Go to the following URL to download the latest version of EasyVFR4 via TestFlight:


  • Minimum requirements:
    • 64-bit, +3GB RAM. Android 7.0 and higher is advised.
    • Android 11 is not yet stable.
  • We have good results with:
    • Huawei MediaPad M5.
    • Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and S6.
    • Most modern smartphones.
  • Download:
    • To install you must enable the option: "Allow the installation of apps from sources other than Play store" in Android Settings, Lock screen and Security. Some Android devices require to tap&hold the link below, then choose [Download link] to store the APK on your device from where you then can install this downloaded APK.

Windows desktop

macOS High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina

    • Apple macOS (Runs up to Catalina, Big Sur is NOT supported!).
  • Minimum requirements:
    • Most 64-bit macOS versions. E.g. High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina.
    • Anything with the new M1 chipset (beta).
  • Download:
  • Installation instructions:
    • After downloading the DMG, open it and drag the EasyVFR 4 icon into the Applications folder. EasyVFR 4 is now available via Launchpad.
    • When you get the message " can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store" choose [Open in Finder] from that popup, then right-click on and choose open. Now the same popup will appear, now with a [Open] button.
    • From there on you can launch EasyVFR 4 from the launchpad without this warning.

Vincent Fischer
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2 Beta tester questions:

- the new 4.0.866 is now generally available in the app store but also still accessible/updatable via the TestFlight app. Is it correct to assume that beta testers should NOT install the app directly from the app store and continue to update via the TestFlight app?

- if a beta tester wishes at some point to switch to the version available on the app store, is it correct that ALL user configuration settings would need to be re-applied? Would the version retrieved from the app store appear as a separate instance of the app (i.e. it would be unwise to keep both versions, and best to delete the TestFlight downloaded version to avoid confusion)?

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The future beta-to-release flow is not carved in stone yet, but for the moment the workflow will be that we release versionnumbers initially via testflight (for example 4.0.871 will be released as betatest version, aka via testflight on iOS and this forum monday or tuesday), and when we feel the last betaversion done is good for public usage we offer exactly the same version for the appstores. 

So for example upcoming weeks versions 4.0.870,871 and 872 will be delivered as testversions, and when 872 turns out ok we deliver that to all our other users as "official" version too. 

So in essence a betatester doesn't have to install the appstore versions, there are no futures (yet) that only work with appstore versions (notifications is the only thing I can think of at the moment).

*BUT* We would appreciate betatesters at least once install from the appstores, so they are allowed to rate us 5 stars and write a nice review every now and then ;-). After that the can keep using betaversions if the want.

Betatest and appstore versions are mutually exclusive; they overwrite the other, but settings will be preserved normally. So there are not two "apps" on your device, just one, which can be either the appstore or the testflight version. 

Normally a "downgrade" in version numbers is only possible by uninstalling the existing app (on Android I am sure about that, iOS I don't know, Windows and Mac allow simply reinstalling older versions over newer versions without a problem I believe). Such an uninstall will lose the settings and must then be reapplied later on the newly installed version indeed.


Vincent Fischer
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Many thanks Rob. All very clear.

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