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1GB EFB Data Germany locked

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Hi,  I have downloaded 1GB Data for the EFB Germany.  But all the maps are locked.  

Then I tried to load maps for a single airport in Denmark. My ipad again loaded  many plates, but again only a few  could  actually be displayed.  The rest was shown with a locker.

This uses up memory space, with no benefit.

When opening the first chart (aerodrome chart) of EKEB, the app crashes.

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Hi Leif, 

For DFS plates in Germany a seperate license is required because DFS requires us to pay a significant license fee per user. However, these files are NOT downloaded if you're not subscribed to the DFS plates. So that 1GB of data you mention should all be publically available plates and documents from the german AIP, only the ones from the DFS should have a lock.

Whats even more weird is you mention you also get many locked plates for Denmark. Denmark only has publically available plates, so there should not be any lock at all.

Would you be so kind to email three screenshots to One example of the locked German plates, one example of the locked Denmark plates, and one from the menu->myEasyVFR screen for your license credentials.


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