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the flightplan function needs polishing.

Before actually FILING the plan I had manually altered some details.  Apparently these  changes were NOT sent, if the little Warning box in the Route Log is correct.  The original times as per EV4 were used.

I did provide a mobile number but never received any confirmation message.  

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Stewart Buckingham
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Thanks for reporting this, Leif.

Some things edited in the Flightplan filing window do seem to be retained, but information related to the planned flight route and timings indeed appears to be linked to the values extracted from the loaded route in EasyVFR. Perhaps it would be better if those things cannot be edited within the ATC flightplan screen as making changes to the ATC flight plan there could create inconsistencies between the submitted flight plan and the created Navlog?

As regards the mobile phone number, this is provided as information fed to ATC (and sometimes it does result in them calling you, e.g. if you are overdue - don't ask me how I know!), but there has never been any intention that "within EasyVFR" any message about your flightplan is sent to that mobile number.

There is, though, an enhancement on the "to do" list to create an "image" of the submitted flightplan as an optional page for the tripkit.

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Hi, I am just experiencing the same issue as "leif"  of not receiving any confirmation message that my flight plan was accepted/approved  (or I am not able to find it) .
(BTW I just sent a request in the chat windows "Ask the team" about this issue before finding this topic here). Where should I receive the confirmation of my filed flight-plan with EasyFVR4 ? Presently I am asking the ATC control at the airport.
=> Did someone wrote a manual for the ATC-Filing feature ? Cheers. CiBi

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