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If a route is loaded and later ended, the A and B labels are still visible on the right side of the screen. Shouldn’t they disappear together with the yellow line?

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Hi Karl,

Good question! They stay visible because it is also possible to enable one without creating a route via the airfield-info window. You can remove them by tapping the A or B icon (the airfield-info window pops-up) and tap the corresponding set A or set B icon in that window. In this way, you always quickly access your two preferred airfields. See the attached video:


Stewart Buckingham
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I am not entirely happy that the "Set A" button (likewise Set B) can be used both to set and to un-set. it would seem more intuitive if, once set for, say, airfield  EGDM, if you are looking at the EGDM airfield info pane the "SET A" button (which will now actually cause it to UN-set) was replaced by a button marked "UN-SET A" (or "CLEAR A")?

One other comment on the two shortcut buttons on the map - on my laptop (first image below) it is easy to understand the two shortcut icons for Airfield A and Airfield B. But on the small screen on my phone (second image below!) , there is no space between the A (or B) and the airfield ICAO, and also with the small text font the colour difference I can see on my PC is no longer easily seen. The result, on the phone, is that each button appears just to have 5 letters which are no immediately recognisable as an ICAO preceded by A or B. A *very* simple fix for this would be to change the wording on the shortcut icon from "(i)A EGDM"  to "A(i) EGDM" (where I have used (i) to represent the circular "info" mark):-

PC shortcut icons
Phone shortcut icons


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Hi Tim, what I'm missing is a direct-to icon like with EV3 out of any possible active route or planning situation, where you'll be able to either type in ICAO identifier or place name. This would facilitate quick findings in case of sudden - weather or emergency- requirements!

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Hi Norbert,

At this moment there is no prominent direct-to button on the map.
If you are in FlightMode and need a direct-to, there are multiple methods to achieve that:

1. Rubber banding
If you have an active route you can simply drag the leg you are on to the position you want a direct-to to and confirm the new route.

2. Route planning window
In the Route Planning window, the leg that you are currently flying is marked pink. -> To add your direct-to into that leg, tab the three dots icon on the right side of that legs info. It opens the options you have for this leg. -> Tap the insert button. The search screen opens -> Search and select the airfield or waypoint you need as a direct-to and tab insert on the bottom of the screen. 

3. Quick-info-wheel
Tap the position on the map you need a direct-to for to show the quick-info-wheel for that position -> Now tap the pink route icon to get the list of AeroData on that position. Here are a couple of options you can do per airfield/ waypoint:
-- Tap the Direct-to icon to get a direct-to as a new route.
-- If you have an active route you can either insert or add the airfield/ waypoint to your active route.
>>The same method works if you tap the Airfield icon on the quick-info-wheel.

4. Search screen
Use the search screen: EasyVFR 4 Menu -> Search. Here you simply write the name or ICAO name of the airfield/ waypoint you need. Tap on the positions name you were looking for and tap on the bottom the direct-to icon (or anything else you would like to do with it).
>> note that there are six filtered tab's just under the writing field: Airfield; VOR; IFR waypoint; VFR RepPoint; Places; User Objects


Having a Direct-To button directly on the map (between the other six) is an option we, for now, have chosen not to implement. The main reason for this is that there are so many other methods to achieve it. Plus it would mean we had ether shrink the button row on the map or place it somewhere else over the map.

But it is true it could be beneficial to be able to have the option to quickly get a list of nearest airfields/ waypoints. So I have created a feature request. You can upvote it here:


What do you think? 



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