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Traffic Circuits

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in the 671 I`m mising the traffic circuits. In the geo Data they are activated, but not shown on the map. Did I something wrong or does it still not work in this release?

Greetings Rainer

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Same here...

Stewart Buckingham
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671 is a very old release, I very strongly recommend updating! However that will not affect the display of circuit detatlils. There is a switch to turn the details on or off. By default it should already be on but please check. Tap the layers menu And on the screen that appears tap the Map Layers AERODATA button. On the screen that appears check that the AIRPORT FEATURES item (seventh item in the list) is turned on(switch shown blue). 
mid that is ON then there are two possible reasons why you might not be seeing the details:-

(1) you may not be sufficiently zoomed in. Exact azoom needed may depend on screen size or resolution but typically you need to have the zoom such that the map scale bar shows as indicating less than about 15 nautical miles. 
(2) Drawing in this data for every airfield in Europe is a huge, manpower intensive manual task that we have not yet completed so some countries are pretty much complete but others are as yet not even started. For example Germany is well covered and I suggest you install Germany and look at E.g. EDVE Braunschweig as an example of what we provide. What countries/airports have you looked at and not seen data?

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