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Question Why no "mh" on leg label?

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I have a question about label leg content.

Why there is no mh info on the label leg? Indeed it's good to have information about mt, time, length and height but as a SEP(L) pilot the most crucial info for me - especially while flying - is mh. It tells me which direction to point my rig and somewhat it "estimates" the direction and strength of the wind.

Looking only at mt is useful while planning on the ground or while flying when calculation are not entirely accurate with real (not forecasted) wind situation and one have to make some ad hoc corrections. Otherwise I don't look at it. I simply need mh to fly from one point to another.

As far as I'm concerned, there should be a user option so to be able to make a substitution for parameters which are most convenient for a certain pilot. Well, I'd rather exchange f.ex. height for mh but it is not a rule I just feel it more usable. Exchanging "useless" params instead of adding another one to the label, would still keep it compact and readable enough.



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