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Inconsistant subscription policy - FLARM license not available

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I purchased the app via Apple Store and signed up for the Pro level.
I want to add the “FLARM License” - but in my account on your website it won’t let me purchase the alarm license - it says I need a "membership license”??????
This is all  bit confusing as I thought that is what I had subscribe to with the Pro level ???
Can you get it sorted please…
Its confusing mainly due to the fact that the App Store describes one thing and the website say another for the user levels….and although the Apple store entry under “In APP purchases” lists “Live” and “Pro”  nothing there for FFM or FLARM…. AND the app its-self does not show ANY purchase options….
Your previous answer about using the Webshop to make additional purchases ( I did to get the Pooley Plates ). But NO for the FLARM….???


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I think you also asked this question to our support email ? You will receive an answer to that as soon as the issue is fixed, most probably tomorrow. We do not sell addons through appstores because license agreements require these to be personalised. 

You should have been able to buy this FLARM license without any problem, but I suspect there is a shop attribute set to this item to avoid people without an active subscription buying this. We had "problems" in the past where users bought an addon product, no realising it only works with an existing EasyVFR license. This check however does not work for users who bought their license through Apple appstore, and should simply be removed. I asked the shop maintainer to do this asap. 

Sorry for the inconvenience causing!



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ALL fixed Now Thanks to Tims rapid work o the Shop Maintenance front....!

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