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I miss Hilzingen airfield (still listed as LSHILZI in version 3.7)

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Hello Dirk

In EasyVFR 3, all countries and FIRs were loaded all of the time. However in EasyVFR 4 you have to select the countries you want to see data for. This is to reduce the loading on the processors and countries can be added or removed as required.

Hilzingen is unusual as it is located in Germany but is located within the Zurich FIR and it the FIR boundary which has been used to separate Germany and Switzerland.

To enable you to see the data for Hilzingen in EasyVFR4 all you need to do is select Switzerland as follows:

EasyVFR 4 menu>Downloads Menu>Select Countries

You should then see that Switzerland is showing as a light Green colour. Tap on Switzerland to activate it and then select OK. The data for Switzerland will now download and you should then be able to select Hilzingen when that has completed.

There maybe other airfields in that area of Germany which are also inside the Zurich FIR.

I hope this works for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Kindest regards





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