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I fly in an area with a lot of military activity so always plan my routes with a close eye on NOTAMs.

The NOTAM layer is great for this but Magenta is used for both NOTAM areas and my route plan which makes it hard to figure out what is what.

It would also be useful if restricted and danger areas could remain visible in the NOTAM layer - they're currently just black against grey.

BTW - I'm hoping that you re-plot NOTAMs for e.g. Red Arrows as lines rather than lots of circles - we'll see as summer progresses!

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I think the fundamental problem is that we have run out of colours! Apart from the usual pink notam circles we already use red (for notams that announce the activation of danger areas, etc,  outside their normal hours of operation), green (for notams that announce the de-activation of danger areas or reductions in their hours of operation, etc) and blue (for notams were we have extracted co-ordinates from the text within the notams, such as your red arrows example). We feel we must use a different colour for those notams because we can never absolutely guarantee that our entirely automated process has  correctly interpreted the co-ordinates as there is no mandatory format for  the text of such notams that we have to analyse to draw a boundary). And if we added coloured airspace boundaries to the notam view it would be even harder to spot the actual notam areas.

Please note that on the "Nav" pre-set view, in general by default notams are not displayed, but in the layers menu you can turn them on for that view. Also, any notam that relates to activation or de-activation of airspaces are ALWAYS shown in the Nav view. Also the SmartMap feature (if turned on, of course!) changes the depiction of airspaces, hiding those that are inactive (by their schedule or  by any notamed changes to their schedule). So as part of your flight planning you should of course check all notams that apply along your route, but then the smartmap feature should ensure that you only see airspaces that are active during all or at least part of the planned period of your flight (plus a margin before and after to cover either a departure slightly ahead of your planned time, or a delay in taking off or delays en-route).

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