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Feedback Minor suggestion for airspace list

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Hi everyone - I've got a little idea which I think would make the airspace menu a lot more usable. I'm talking about when you tap on the map and click the 'airspace' button in the option wheel.

Right now, rather than taking me to the top of the list of airspace, it drops me somewhere in the middle and I have to manually scroll up every time to get to the high-priority airspace. For example, here is what I see when I open the menu:

Screenshot 20220701 143021 2

...and I have to scroll up to the top myself to see the class A and D airspace:

Screenshot 20220701 143012 2

It gets really frustrating if you just want to know the heights of the important airspace, which happens quite a lot since the labels are very reluctant to appear in some areas.


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Hi George, 

I see what you mean, but I wonder how this could be implemented; EV4 has no way of "mind reading" to determine why the user wants to view the airspace structure at a given location. I can think of various reasons, and all would require a different vertical scroll position....



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Sure, that makes sense - I know it wouldn't suit all people all the time, but I do think that mostly when people are looking at airspace on a map it's because they're interested in controlled airspace boundaries, and making sure they're at the right height to avoid it.

Putting it another way, if I pointed to a place along my route and asked my co-pilot 'please tell me about the airspace at this point here', I'd expect to be told about the class D at 2500ft before being told that there's a squawk listening area or that we happen to be within LARS coverage.

I think I've been spoiled by the EV3 system 😆 It seemed to know exactly how to prioritise the airspace list! e.g. one click in the same place gets me this:

Screenshot 20220705 134750

It starts with the high priority airspace (ambiguous term, I know!) and it looks like it's ordered the results from the ground up, which I really like. One look, and I know it's safe to fly under there at 2200ft because I have this height-ordered list.

Another good example - here it shows the CTR first, then class A a bit higher up, then the MATZ (which is still important, but less so than the other two). Then squawk areas/LARS/FIS sector all comes after which feels right.

Screenshot 20220705 182216
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