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[Solved] Improve the ETA at final destination in Info Panels

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I believe it would be very helpful to show the ETA at final destination in the info panels during flight in addition to in the flight plan. Would that be possible?

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Edgar Hermanns
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Good idea!

Stewart Buckingham
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This is already available, and has been for a long time! By going to Menu>System>Layout info fields

 you can:

(a) drag any of the default info boxes to any different screen position you prefer;

(b) delete any existing info box;

(c) edit any existing info box so that it displays a different parameter; and

(d) create new info boxes and define their position and content.

One of the many data items you can display in an info box is Estimated Time of Arrival.


This info box system pretty much a direct copy of how the function operates in EV3, which likewise has the above 4 capabilities.

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Oh great, wasn't aware. Thanks for that!

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