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Suggestion Weight + balance limit alert & display calculated value

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It would be really useful if the weight and balance section gave us the "answer". i.e. we move all the sliders around and it puts the data onto the graph but as we get closer to the limits it's not possible to tell if we have actually gone over. If we had a little output at the bottom of the graph showing the AUM and CG values then we could see how close to the limit we are. This will also make it possible to copy the data on to Sector Record Sheets when we are required to do so.

Also, could the line on the graph change colour when a limit is exceeded?

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This is close to my recent input.

Heli.Lamb Heli.Lamb Topic starter 5 November 2020 01:50

@leif thanks. Quite a coincidence that we posted about this on the same day!

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