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Beta 4.1.308 (07 NOV 2022)

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Dear aviators,

This week's beta addresses the bug created in 4.1.305 that prevented logbook entries to get created from the daily breadcrumb files. When this new beta version is installed you can still extract these logbook entries by selecting menu->system->Tracklogs, and there tick the daily breadcrumb files no logbook entries have been created from (you can select multiple breadcrumb files).


Next choose the breadcrumb tools


 And then select "Extract logbook entries". 


A full list of release notes is listed below. 

Team EasyVFR 4


 Release notes

  • NEW: Implemented Dynon DataExchange for Android. This makes it possible to directly copy AVData, OBData, plates and charts for your Dynon SkyView to the USB stick connected to your Android device. 
  • NEW: Android version now uses TargetSDK 31 as required by Google Play Store.
  • IMPROVED: Dynon DataExchange now deletes old AeroData (avdata*.dup, obdata*.dup), keyfiles (.key) and raster charts (.dcf) from the memory stick automatically.
  • IMPROVED: Visual Reporting Points consisting of only NATO alphabet codings will now no longer spell out the ID as label on the map to reduce clutter.
  • IMPROVED: GPS inaccuracy detection on Android.
  • IMPROVED: Some Android devices change DPI slightly when rotating portrait to landscape and visa versa, causing EV4 to re-calculate the magnification settings each time with a rotation change. This now is only done when difference in DPI is more than 5%.
  • IMPROVED: Menu->Help & Legal now has an entry pointing to our YouTube channel for instruction videos.
  • FIXED: 4.1.305 broke automatic logbook creation.
  • FIXED: When scrolling the language selector screen to select languages initially out of view, then those languages could still not be selected.
  • FIXED: Airspaces with lowerlevel GND were labeled as SFC on the map.
  • FIXED: When deleting a raster chart using Menu->myEasyVFR, EasyVFR4 would crash.
  • FIXED: When a new country was added while a route was loaded then that route was not restored after the country select was done and no countries were added at all.
  • FIXED: Sometimes a Google Maps tile was rendered at a zoomed-out zoomlevel.


Apple iOS, iPadOS, M1 and M2 macs

  • Minimum requirements:
    • 64-bit and 2GB RAM. Effectively:
      • iPad Air 2 and higher.
      • iPad Mini 4 and higher.
      • iPhone 6S and higher.
    • The iPad Mini 5, 6, and iPad Pro perform extremely well.
  • Download
    1. Install the Apple TestFlight app via the Apple AppStore.

    2. Go to the following URL to download the latest version of EasyVFR 4 via TestFlight:


Windows desktop

macOS High Sierra and up

      • Intel macs on Big Sur and Monterey need to have the latest macOS version 11.6.1 or 12.0.1 or higher installed.
      • M1 macs can download via the iOS AppStore.
    • Minimum requirements:
      • Most 64-bit macOS versions. E.g. High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina. BigSur 11.6.1 and Monterey 12.0.1 and up.
      • M1 macs can download via the iOS AppStore.
    • Download:
    • Installation instructions:
      1. After downloading the DMG file, open it and drag the EasyVFR 4 icon into the Applications folder. EasyVFR 4 is now available via Launchpad.
      2. When you get the message " can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store" choose [Open in Finder] from that popup, then right-click on and choose open. Now the same popup will appear, now with a [Open] button.
      3. From there on you can launch EasyVFR 4 from the launchpad without this warning.
      4. With every update, you need to redo step 2.
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