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Very slow performance on PC

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after installing EasyVFR 4 Beta on my Laptop (8GB RAM, Geforce GTX garphic card, Core I7 CPU, 4k monitor connected) the program is almost useless, as the performande is horrible.

Any hints?

Unfortunately I tried to get this app to work now on 3 complete different devices - and it works on no of them. I am a little bit disappointed.



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Hi Chris, the specs you mention should be well sufficient for EV4, though I’ve never tried it on a 4K monitor. What is the resolution you are using? maybe that gives a clue for me. 

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i confirm performance on tabletPC CPU i7-2Ghz, 8GB ram, SSD disk and Intel HD Graphics 4400 resolution 3200 × 1800 feels slow.

on my desktop CPU i7-3.4Ghz, 32GB ram, SSD disk, dual Radeon R9-200 on resolution 2560x1440 the load is fast only it feels slow due to scrolling 

is it possible to expand loaded map in window beyond borders of the window like in EV3? so in event of scrolling(paning) the map where you scroll/pan the map is already loaded. because now when you move the map it takes few moments to load new part of map after you release the screen. but if you just tap and scroll the map doesn't load at all until you release screen. this makes user experience bad as it feels so laggy.

EV4 only uses 1GB of ram

this is on windows app 4.0.545

on same devices the EV3 feels more fluid than newer EV4.

unfortunately my android and ipad devices are not capable of running EV4

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