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Off topic Old EasyVFR Basic app not reading GPS

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This may relate to my earlier question but it's a new problem...

I'm specifically running UK EasyVFR basic 3.3.44 (32-bit) on Android 13. I've downloaded all the data, but for some reason it thinks I'm in the South Atlantic Ocean (Lat 0 Long 0). It does have the scrolling banner to say that "POSITION IS NOT ACCURATE" - you can say that again.

So I've got through the options and made sure FLARM and GDL90 are both disabled, and that even if they were enabled their GPS data should not be used.

I've tried "Allow External GPS" in both the "On" and "Off" states but I don't know exactly what this is supposed to do, and changing it doesn't make any difference.

This is a "factory reset" tablet with only EasyVFR installed (Google Maps etc is on there anyway).

I've checked the GPS status outside EasyVFR - it's working fine and getting a fix from 24/43 satellites.

I have the Android App permissions set to give EasyVFR high accuracy access all the time, and it's showing that it's getting a fix from the system when it's running. Incidentally, the height and velocity are both null as well as Lat/Long. So something ain't right.,

Is this a new bug in the 32-bit version or is there some setting I need to make that I haven't done already?

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Vincent Fischer
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I have a similar issue on another map app on my iphone… may or may not be relevant/related. When opening the app it starts at the current/last position but then scans south to Algeria and says I need to download the Algeria map (which I don‘t want). After a couple minutes (a current GPS fix is obtained/refreshed?) the map zaps back to current location. I wonder if this is an underlying issue with the mapping software being used, or with GPS support.

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Hi Frank,

The old EasyVFR Basic app is not compatible with Android 12 and up. Has to do with a location permission request flow. Since your tablet is a 32-bit Android the successor app, EasyVFR 4, would not work as well. You could try to flash an older Android version on it when it is available... 


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Thanks Tim.  Great 🙁 Not the news I wanted but it makes sense if it. I guess it'll work with an external GPS source so I'll test that.

The documentation (web site) says EasyVFR 4 doesn't work with older 32-bit Android. It doesn't say anything about the latest 32-bit Android. This is probably a poor pejorative choice of wording but semantically says the new Android will work.

I'm thinking I picked the wrong tablet.

Is there any way I can get access to the source to fix this? I'm familiar with the NDK. I get the vibe that no one wants to think about V3 any more.

Thanks for your help.

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