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VOR/DME icons

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Hello everybody,

Hope this is the right forum to place the following (otherwise please move this post to the right area):


I have a question about the symbols in EasyVFR of VOR/DME stations:

According to the Dutch AIP, PAM is a DME:

IMG 0010

According to the map layers menu in EasyVFR, the symbol on the map should be according to the second symbol on this image:

IMG 0009


However the symbol for PAM shown on the map is as follows, the one like a VOR according to EasyVFR:

IMG 0008

This gives some confusions.

Could this be changed in a next revision?

I think the symbols used for VORs and DMEs is in general a little odd compared to the general symbols used.


Could this be changed as well?


My version of EasyVFR used is: 4.2.0.


Best regards


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And please include the frequency !

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Hi Leif,

DME and VOR/DME frequency is now also shown on the moving map with this beta track. 😀



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