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Question [Opgelost] VOR not on the chart

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Hello EasyVFR team,

EasyVFR 4 is really a very good application !

VOR are not on the chart of EasyVFR 4. 

They are not on my European EasyVFR 4 chart for Dynon either.

Is it voluntary ?


When we send a file plan, would it be possible to have a little file of confirmation ?


Best regards





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Stewart Buckingham
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Good to hear you are enjoying using EasyVFR4, Marc!

As regards VORs, they ARE included in EaysVFR4 and should be visible on your map (and also in the SEARCH function "Beacons" tab  and also listed in the moving map route/aerodata tab).  However (unless chosen in the SEARCH function or already part of the active route) because they are often near airfields they can frequently get "suppressed" by the decluttering algorithm and then only appear on the map screen if fairly closely zoomed in - on my laptop I need to be at about 20nm zoom scale or less to see them. If you are not seeing them even if you have the map centred on a known VOR position and very closely zoomed it, please check that you have not somehow "turned them off" within the "Layers" menu - Tap "Layers" (leftmost button at foot of screen), and within that tap "Aerodata Menu"  button to see the list of aerodata categories. VORs are the first item in the ist of aerodata types and should have the green "LED" lit - if it is not green, click to turn them back on.

As regards the EasyVFR Europe Dynon chart, though, you are correct, they do not appear in the current edition. This is a known issue and should be resolved in the next aerodata cycle. They ARE included in the Dynon Av_Data file (so for example you CAN search for them in the Dynon system and can include them in routes) and if you turn OFF the EasyVFR Europe map and revert to the basic Dynon map you will see them drawn on the screen from the Av_Data file co-ordinates. Unfortunately, though, whenever you select the EasyVFR Eurioe chart, or indeed any purchased raster chart to be displayed on a Dynon system, the Av_Data objects are no longer drawn on the screen, and instead the Dynon displays ONLY what is included as graphical content in the chart file. Previously we have not included the VORs (and other beacons) in the raster chart but from the next cycle we intend to do so.

As regards confirmation of flight plan submission, we can see the advantage of having such a message, but creating one is not as simple as you may think! As you know, EasyVFR submits flight plans via RocketRoute. EasyVFR compiles as much as possible of the required content automatically from your planned route details and your saved aircraft profile details, you add other details and adjust the automated default details as necessary and press submit. EasyVFR then checks your plan and warns if there are any essential details missing or expressed incorrectly and insists you correct them. When all is OK, EasyVFR submits to RocketRoute. RocketRoute provides no system to acknowledge receipt of a valid and correct flight plan, but if the plan were in any way invalid or incomplete the EasyVFR internal checks should have detected that and not allowed you to submit. RocketRoute then processes the flight plan and feeds it into the international flight plan system, but again currently there is no internationally-established scheme for automatically acknowledging receipt of a valid and correct flight plan or for rejecting a plan that is in any way incorrect or incomplete. Unlike IFR flight plans, it is not possible for a VFR plan to be "rejected". The national systems in some countries do provide some kind of receipt message but this is not universal and the structure and process varies from country to country. (The final stage of transmission may often still be by fax machine!) RocketRoute are trying to develop a way to overcome this uncertainty, but this involves negotiation country-by-country to establish a protocol and progress is slow! We are doing our best to work with RocketRoute as they try to improve the system and are keen to make use of whatever additional facilities they may in future be able to provide.

Until then, it is important that your contact details are correct so that the destination airfield can contact you directly if, for example, the airfield is NOTAMED as closing early. But it is perfectly legal (at least in some countries, including here in the UK where I fly) to file a flight plan to arrive at an entirely unmanned and unattended private airstrip, where there is no possibility of anyone at the destination ever seeing your flightplan or questioning its feasibility - or of conforming anything at all about your flight. This flexibility and freedom is a great advantage of VFR flying - but it does place more responsibility on the pilot to understand the characteristics and limitations of his planned arrival and to take appropriate precautions himself if necessary.  

Best Regards

Stu B

Team EasyVFR















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Just downloaded EasyVFR4 for testing. I´m also missing VOR on my map. You can zoom in - no VOR visible. But I can find the VOR´s by search mode

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Hi Schwaebman,

Welcome to EasyVFR! VORs are disabled by default since they are less and less used. But you can enable them in the Map Layers Menu -> AeroData. 



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Hi Tim. Wow - fast response ! Thx for feedback. I´ll check

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