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Where is ADES?

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Where is ADES? I can set a departure or 'append' to the route, but not an arrival airport.




See picture...

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Stewart Buckingham
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There is no "Add destination" button. None is ever needed. The final point appended to the end of the route is treated as the destination. If you want to fly from A via B, then C, then D and land at E, one way to create the route is to first set your departure point as A, then get point B and APPEND it, then get point C and again APPEND  it, then APPEND D and finally APPEND E E will then be your destination.

Another way to create that route wold be to set up A as your departure aerodrome, then APPEND E (and  that immediately sets it as the destination), then get point B and INSERT (NOT APPEND) it into the route, then get point C and again INSERT it, and finally INSERT point D. (Note that the INSERT command puts the waypoint into the existing route leg that passes nearest to the INSERED point, not necessarily in the leg you have just created.) 

Yet another way to create that route would be to set up A as teh departure, APPEND point E so that it is the destination, then on the map DRAG the route line to "rubber-band" it to make it go via point B, then rubber band the B>E leg to insert C into it and so on. Lots of ways to skin a cat! Use whichever you find easiest!

Only point to be aware of is that if you want to create a circular flight (that comes back to its departure aerodrome), you need to set up the departure point, APPEND at least one other (preferably two other) waypoints before APPENDING A again as your destination.

For further help on building routes, please read the "Quickstart" guide you can find at  



Stu B

Team EasyVFR

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Thanks for the elaborate answer, let me try that.

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