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EV4 goes black afte...
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EV4 goes black after closing iPad.

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Hi All,

Yesterday I did a flight EHTE to EHBD and back.
At EHBD I created my route for the flight back and once I was done, closed the lit of my iPad cover. Once in the aircraft (45 min later) I opened my lit from the cover and EV4 was all black.
I exited the app about 3 times, but it appeared black on re-opening the application. I needed to reset my iPad in order to have EV4 run properly agian.

Just wanted you to know. 
Are there also any idea's on the outcome of voice / sounds warnings feature?

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Hi Christian,

Thx for sharing the experience. To be honest I don't have a clue yet, but lets keep a sharp lookout to see if this happens more. The upcoming version will have audible airspace warnings working, and we are drawing a plan to port the vocal information system as next step, but a bit more smarter. For example when a flightplan is active its no use warning for an airspace ahead that according to the flightplan will be avoided laterally or vertically. In that case a simple reminder to change course or altitude to keep flying your planned flightplan will be enough. 


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