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Done EFB: AIP and approach plates

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implement EFB system for AIP documents and approach plates 

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hope also android and other mobile versions also gets option to export EFB to USB. for easyer efis updates


although your German "Platzrunden" descriptions have become very good I still would like to use the official approach plates (that I bought for V3).

Download option from tablet to USB would be much appreciated. I normally update my mobile devices when I get the notification.

My Dynons in the plane always have the old status on the USBs when flying the first time after the update becomes available.

Heiko Fricke Heiko Fricke 7 april 2019 10:52

one more on plate updates:
In EV3.9x I update the plates whenever I get new airspace and obstacle maps.
Thereafter I export the plates to my USB sticks that go into the Dynon displays.
Unfortunately downloads take very long because ALL plates get transferred.
I would very much appreciate a selective download (only the changed ones).
Thanks for looking into this when working on the transfer of plates.

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There is no question approach plates will get implemented, ad given the high number of votes its on a high priority.  

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Hi Heiko,

I agree that copying all those approach plates each time is a time consuming operation. The problem is its not easy to figure out which plates on the PC are updated once the last time the specific memorystick was inserted. Some users use multiple memorysticks, and using only filesize differences is often not guaranteed to work. Also file date&time comparisons are not reliable. Only solution could be some kind of “transactionnumbering” system. We considered it for EV3 but implementetion would have been timeconsuming. Lets reconsider now for EV4, might be easier now.


I just updated to build 570 and thusfar the EFB system looks to work well! It took a while to get the 3500+ files downloaded for Benelux and Germany but once completed the system is intuitive and the displayed plates look great!

Well done, guys!



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