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Suggestion Flight plan / dinghy

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when adding a dinghy to the flight plan, I cannot deselect the dinghy without deleting all the details. It would be nice to keep all the details.

 I never used it on version 3 as I just bought a dinghy...

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I see what you mean, but this has quite some impact on the internals of the flight plan filing settings screen, so I hope you forgive me I move this to the "Still to be developed & Wishlist" forum.. 

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there is no hurry. You have more important things to do for the final release :-))


I only know the term "dinghy" as something like a small boat. But what is a "dinghy" in aviation or in a flight-plan?


Schlauchboote in German!


That's for sure right. But it doesn't help me. 😉

Christian Meier Topic starter 16 september 2019 20:11


It’s a small boat! Or life raft. ( Rettungsboot)

a life vest ( Schwimmweste) won’t help you much in cold water...

Edgar Hermanns Edgar Hermanns 17 september 2019 00:28

Now I understand. It is just something you can add as an equipment to a flightplan, but not a flightplan attribute.

Thank you, I was completely misleaded. ?



Yes, if you take a look at the ICAO flight plan form you'll see it after the D in section 19.

A liferaft is perhaps the more common name, and that flightplan form field means one of these or similar:


Thank you, until now, I havent ever made an international flightplan.

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