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Suggestion some kind of electronic checklist feature.

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could also be handled via e.g. a pdf that can be shown and hidden from the main app easily.

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Any pdf can be shown on any current tablet. But if linked automatically to the chosen airplane from within eVFR it would be benefit.

However, an active checklist-processor would be state-of-what-a-tablet-can-do. Allowing a user-written text-file whith a defined format to be processed by main-topics and sub-topics, and be "ticked" OK for each single topic would be great.

User-written checklist example (simplified), File "Aquila_A210_D-EZCS.txt":

1 Outside
1.1 Electric check 1
1.1.1 Battery/Generator ON ACL works Landing light works Position lights work
1.1.2 Battery/Generator OFF
1.2 Go-Around
1.2.1 Surfaces are OK
1.2.2 Antennas are OK
1.2.3 Flaps
1.2.4 Rudder
1.2.5 Tires
1.3 Engine
1.3.1 Hand-turn prop until oil-gurgle
1.3.2 Oil check
1.3.3 Check cooling liquid
2. Pre flight
2.1 Brake ON
2.2 Avionics OFF
2.3 Warning lamps are ON
2.4 Fuel pump ON, pump is audible
2.5 Fuel light goes OFF
2.6 ACL ON
2.5 ...

List processing requires a design of it's own.

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Rob Grotendorst 16 juli 2020 14:04

my suggestion would be to have the possibility to import your own pdf’s. These pdf’s could contain your own checklist, but main benefit would be that you would not have to leave the app.


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