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Done Two+three finger distance measuring on the map

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Title explains it all 😉

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the feature can be much improved over the EV3 variant...

1. show bearing & distance AND time to go based on the current ground speed

2. offer a way to use the measuring tool without total reliance on multitouch. it's fine to have the two-tap multitouch available, but there should be an alternative option for click-click type access.

Heli.Lamb Heli.Lamb 4 april 2019 13:12

I agree. I also often use this feature to work out how far I am and what bearing from controlled airspace to help make radio calls.
i.e. "7nm to the SE of your zone" I'm not sure if there's a way of making this information display in a helpful way?
It would also be nice if it could pop up in a background box to make it easier to read in a shaking helicopter!

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