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Done Weight & balance

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Can you show the total weight in a accurate number on top of the table ? If below Mtow it should be green - above red.

Could you make the “basic empty weight” lockable as this hardly changes. I don’t want to move this by accident.

Tim Peter 2 september 2019 13:41


Hi Christian,

Sorry for the delay. Thank you for this question. I assume that you have created your own aircraft profile and filled in the loading points menu a "Basic empty weight - Max Weight" other than zero. This creates a max value for the slider and therefore it shows the slider for the Basic empty weight in the "Weight + Balance window".  If you change this value back to zero, the slider disappears. 

Edit loading points
Weight + Balance

Doe this work for you?




Christian Meier Topic starter 4 september 2019 00:39


thanks for your answer.

that works great for me. I should have read the description first...

When setting the weights it would be nice to see the actual take off weight in numbers. It’s hard to read out of a diagram how many kg I’m over mtow.

The light blue line could be green if in the limits and change to red if out of limits.

Why don’t you add another “set default “ for fuel. So we have the weights in weight units and the fuel in volume and weight units. Easy to program an saves us to change units on every use.

No hurry for this requests, but nice to have.



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