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Feedback No Airspace Warning Sound during flight

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Last week I upgraded easyVFR 3 into 4.

Yesterday i took it in the air for the first time. Unfortunately I found out that I did not get any voice warnings or spoken information during the flight.

  • Everything under easyvfr 4 menu - alarms and warnings is set to the green boxes
  • Ipad volume was tuned on
  • BOSE a20 headset settings were unchanged (since it was working with ev3)

Does somebody maybe have a solution for this issue?

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Hi Sander,

Welcome to the forum! Many thanks for noticing that the Airspace Warnings Sound is not working as expected.

To be honest, only Traffic voice warning, when connected to and ADSB or FLARM receiver, is currently implemented. The toggle for "Airspace Warnings Sound" should not yet be visible. Since there is no function attached to it yet.

I am sorry that you have invested time in finding a solution for something that was something we need to fix at our end.

It is planned for the upcoming week(s) to implement the Airspace Warning Sounds as we had in EasyVFR 3. I have shown the developers team that you are eagerly waiting for it ? So stay tuned.



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Hi Sander,

Today we released a new beta version that adds Audio airspace notifications to EasyVFR 4. I am sorry it was not implemented previously.

You can update via

Please let me know if it is working correctly for you or when you found another issue.

Have a nice weekend,

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