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F.A.Q. [Sticky] Beta Testing Program for EasyVFR: How to Join, Provide Feedback, and Update to App Store Release

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Become a Beta Tester

As a valued member of our community, your input is essential in developing our software. To participate in our beta testing program, check the "Participate as beta tester" box in 'My EasyVFR' on your device. You will receive notifications when new beta versions become available, which you can also access through our forum page. The latest beta is always available at .


Providing Feedback

To provide feedback, post your comments on the forum under the relevant beta version. This helps us address specific issues more efficiently. Use the forum for general discussions, support questions, and suggestions. We continue to use the "Vote" on Wishlist items system on the forum.


Development Process

Our development process has three stages: internal beta, public beta, and regular app store release.

Internal Beta
The internal beta stage is for bug fixing and testing new functionalities internally.

Public Beta
The public beta stage invites you to test and provide feedback on the new version. We will inform you of the main points of attention and new features for each version on the forum.

Regular App Store Release
After your input, we will release the new version to the app stores for all platforms for all users.


Updating from Beta to App Store Release (and Back)

iOS and Apple Silicon Macs
Download the latest beta version via the Apple TestFlight app. First install the Apple TestFLight app via the Apple AppStore, and then go to the following URL to download the latest version of EasyVFR 4 via the Apple TestFlight app:

Join the beta version via the Google Play download page at .
Sideload is possible using the APK file from the beta forum.

Windows and Intel Macs
Downloads and instructions are available on the beta forum at .

When upgrading, your settings will remain intact. However, beta test and app store versions are mutually exclusive, which means they overwrite each other. If you need to downgrade a version on Android, uninstalling the existing app is the only way. This action results in the loss of settings and locally stored data. On iOS, downgrading is possible from within the Apple TestFlight app, and settings and local stored data are mostly saved. On Windows and Mac, reinstalling older versions over newer ones is possible without losing settings.



Beta testers do not need to install the regular app store release. However, we would appreciate it if they install the regular app store release at least once to rate us five stars and write a positive review. Afterward, they can continue to use beta versions if they prefer.


Contacting the Team

If you have any questions about your beta installation, reach out to the team via the forum or via the "Ask Team" button on the bottom right of the website.

Together, we make EasyVFR.

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