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Electronic Conspicuity Traffic Display System (ECTDS)

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For the past 2 years, I've been working on making the best possible system to display other aircraft locations. UK based. Lots of research and testing has gone into this but I have decided upon a combination of a PilotAware and a dedicated android tablet running a customised version of EasyVFR 4. I'm not going to go into the reasons for all these decisions here but happy to discuss if anyone wishes.

Thanks to everyone who has assisted with this!

The display only aspect of this project is detailed slightly more in this thread.

The system is for traffic display but also designed to give pilots every piece of information that they need so safely conduct a flight in an area that they know. i.e. NOTAMs, airspace, ground speed and traffic....but not to be used for navigation so no planning and only minimal information is shown on the map.

I have incorporated automation into the software to make it operate as if it was a built-in piece of equipment. It opens the app automatically, connects to the EC unit, resets EV4, goes into flight mode, shuts down when the master switch is turned off....and many more features!

My test-case has been the Robinson R44 and so I needed to design and then 3D print a clamp to mount the display in place of the very outdated Bendix SkyMAP. For this reason, I have (until I get a better name!) called the display the LambMAP as part of the ECTDS

Here are some photos of the tablet and modified EasyVFR:

traffic in flight (Large)
rear in R44 (Large)

and the 3D printed clamp:

Robinson clamp (Large)
clamp on rib (Large)

and the PilotAware:

20211022 125304 (Large)
20211022 124343 (Large)
20211022 124357 (Large)
20211022 124503 (Large)
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Hi Andrew, 

Very nice! I am impressed with the 3D printing work you did, and the installation looks extremely professional! 

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Thanks. Yeah I'm starting to get to being quite pleased with the finished(ish) product. Just a few software related items to tidy up now I think then it's time to try and get the word out to others and show them how helpful it can be for situational awareness.

4 people are (so far) pleased enough to pay me for them so I must be on the right track!

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