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Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color as tablet

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Small question... has anyone tried the Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color for EasyVFR4 ? (link: removed link )

It is missing a gps, but other than that it seems to match the requirements... The big question is about the display: it has an eINK display and the refresh may not be adequate...



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Stewart Buckingham
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As it is missing a GPS, for most users this would be an unacceptable device for using with EasyVFR. The only users who might find it useful are those who already have an external GPS source (such as a Garmin Glo or XGPS150, or other equipment that provides a GPS position such as a Pilot Aware, SkyEcho or Dynon system) that they could use to provide a GPS position for the tablet.      For users without such a GPS source it would be cheaper and simpler to buy a tablet which does have its own built-in GPS than to buy a Nova 3 plus buy a a Glo, XGPS150, Pilot Aware, etc etc. 
So I very much doubt that anyone here will have experience of the Nova3 or will be able to comment meaningfully on whether it’s performance (with a suitable external GPS) is adequate to run EasyVFR4. 

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