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Question VAC not dsiplaying on my tab lenovo M8 android 9

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As the title say,i have dowloaded more than 4000 VAC charts France+ Spain + Italy and when i try to display a VAC (ex LFDJ) , it seems to open the pdf file in another tab but it comes back immediatly to the easyvfr app navigation screen.

I do not know why i can't display any of all VAC i downloaded.

My Tab is Lenovo Tab M8 20,3 cm (8 pouces, 1920x1200, Full HD, WideView, Touch) tablette PC (Octa-Core, 3 Go de RAM, 32 Go eMMC, Wi-Fi, Android 9)

EasyVFR is the only app installed , as this tab is for that prupose only.

Bluetooth gps app works well with my GPS Garmin GLO and easyvfr app..



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Stewart Buckingham
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Thanks for posting about this, Stephane. I'm sorry you are having a problem, but I'm having some difficulty to understand exactly what you are trying to do, and exactly how you are trying to do it. 

Can you first please confirm whether you are talking about EasyVFR3 or EasyVFR4. Once I know that I can ask you some more specific things to check to help find a solution.


Best Regards

Stu B

Team EasyVFR

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