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Suggestion In-app switch to Lock Screen Orientation

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Is there a possibility you could add a toggle in settings to lock orientation to portrait (or landscape)

For context, I fly a paramotor with a phone on a flight deck on my lap. Any bumps see it switching orientation.

If I remember, I can lock this in android settings before takeoff, but it would be nice to be able to lock it in the app to portrait as I will never want to use landscape.

Thanks.. this app is coming along nicely.

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your suggestion. I see why you request a in-app screen orientation lock. 

There is a option to lock the screen, preventing touch inputs. Locking the orientation is not part of that.

Indeed both Android as iOS have the option to lock the screens orientation. Often called auto-rotate. I have that all the time disabled.

I'm sure it is technically possible for us to build an orientation lock in the app. Though, not sure what the demand for it is. Otherwise, in our new UI design system and the new app design we are implementing this seasons step-by-step, a feature like this can easily get a logically place.

I have moved your request to the feature Wishlist on the forum, so people can vote for it.



Topic starter

Thanks Tim. I'm aware of the android auto rotate toggle, and try to remember to set it before takeoff. Annoyingly I often forget to do so, and like to have auto rotate enabled on my phone on day to day use.

Thanks for adding to the vote list. As you say, not sure how many will find this useful, but I know from my previous experience flying microlights using kneeboards that the same applies.

Even if this affects a small number of users, it would be something that could be implemented very quickly compared to other more complicated features, so perhaps a quick win all round.

Thank You.

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