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Are there any plans to integrate with HeliPaddy in the UK? The other major moving map apps seem to have got involved.

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Hi Andrew, 


Are you using this app? If so, what happens if you choose one of the GPX options? GPX is just a standard format, if you get a choice which app to launch to open the generated GPX file then integration should be easy. If they specifically launch the associated app then I guess we would have to contact them to ask to add us too.

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Sorry no I don't use it. I used to but I found it didn't really help much for my needs due to lack of or outdated data. Pilot local knowledge was much more useful. Having said that, this was a few years ago and things may have been improved. I was also heading to fairly remote areas.

The screen shot came from one of my ex students who had just installed it. I forwarded him your question and he responded with a scratchy head!

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