Hej and Hallo to our Swedish and Norwegian users
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Hej and Hallo to our Swedish and Norwegian users!

We added Swedish and Norwegian to our language inventory. The two newly added languages are still beta, meaning they are mostly automatically translated. Work is in progress to improve these translations and your input is always very welcome!

Type your route!

New is the ability to create a route using free text. When you know all the ICAO idents of the airfields and waypoints along your route, simply entering them as a string of text is the fastest and most convenient way to create a route. An example could be “EDRK SOBRA EDFM-R EDFM”. You can even copy/paste the official ICAO flight plan message into the text field and let EasyVFR 4 do the work. When you enter the text, tap OK and the Create route From Text button. Then the route will be created as yellow draft route. After that you can adjust it using the route planning menu or by rubberbanding on the map. When all is set, confirm the route as you are used to and you are good to go!

Create route using free text EasyVFR 4
Create a route using free text

The feature is currently a bit hidden since the UI is still in beta. But it is made functional for those of you who like to work this way. You find this feature at Route Planning menu -> Route Tools -> Import from free text.

Some tips:

  • Update the AeroData to receive IFR/VFR route idents we just added to our database.
  • Separate each waypoint using a space. For example “EHLE EHTE” for a route from Lelystad to Teuge.
  • A “-” (dash) is used to address objects that are part of an airport procedure. For example “EHLE EHLE-B EHTE-S EHTE” means a route from Lelystad >>> to Lelystad-VFR-reporting-point-Bravo >>> to Teuge-VFR-reporting-point-Sierra >>> to Teuge.
  • As waypoints can be used the ICAO idents of VORs, DMEs, NDBs, VFR reporting points, IFR waypoints, Airports.
  • An example official ICAO flight plan you can copy/past is:
    -N0120A030 DCT NYKER/N0120A030 IFR Q21 INKET
    -E/0400 P/2 R/VE
  • Note that these ICAO messages need to start with an opening bracket followed by FPL “(FPL” and need to end with a closing bracket “)”.
  • Airway identifiers in FPL messages are recognized and each waypoint making part of that airway is inserted as a route waypoint.
  • On macOS copy/paste is not yet working. This will be addressed soon

Share routes with WhatsApp, AirDrop and other apps

Sharing routes and logbook entries using WhatsApp, AirDrop email or any other sharing tool installed on your device now works far better on both Android and iOS. To share a route that is active on your device, go to Route Planning Menu -> Route Tools -> Share XML -> Confirm/Enter name -> Open in. This will open an app selection menu with which you can share/send the route. On the receiving device you only have to open the shared .xml file within the receiving app, for example WhatsApp.

On some Android and most iOS devices the actual xml text will be shown. In this case, click on the ‘open-in’ icon to open the app selection menu. EasyVFR 4 will be listed as an app to open the file with. This will launch EasyVFR 4 and import and open the route within a few seconds.

Share route using any app
Share route using any app

Big Sur? Monterey? Intel Macs? Apple Silicon? YES!

Long story short. We have worked for months to become compatible with changes Apple made with Big Sur. Now it turned out that Apple needed to solve the library conflicts themselves. And they did! This means EasyVFR 4 is now perfectly running macOS Big Sur, Monterey, and Apple Silicon.

To get EasyVFR 4 going on your mac make sure you run macOS BigSur 11.6.1 and up, or macOS Monterey 12.0.1 and up. On Intel Macs, you can install the .dmg file via the below download. On Apple M1, you can choose whether you install EasyVFR 4 via the iOS AppStore or by installing the .dmg file using Rosseta.

Big Sur Montery compatibility secured 1
Now also running on all the latest Macs!

Together we make EasyVFR 4

All fifty-two (52!) improvements and fixes in this public version you find in the full changelog. Many of the enhancements listed were reported and suggested by users via the forum and support email. We want to thank you all for making EasyVFR 4 better every day. Your input really helps us to prioritize development and focus on the important things.

What’s next?

In the coming weeks we will continue to focus on fixes and improvements within EasyVFR 4. And of course we continue to broaden our data collection sources for the new airport data layers. We will share more information about this in the very near future!

Do you have something to share yourself? Feel free to start a new topic at the forum or send an email to the team. We are looking forward to your thoughts on the new features in this update.

Update to 4.0.948

To update EasyVFR 4 go to the iOS App Store, Android Google Play, search for EasyVFR 4, or go to the knowledge base to be redirected to the app store download page. For Windows, Intel macs and Apple silicon macs the latest downloads are listed in our knowledge base.

New here? Let’s get started

✍️ Create your EasyVFR 4 account today and explore 30 days for free. Create account and start Trial

If you already happen to have an EasyVFR 3 Standard or Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) license that you bought directly with us, it’ll work for EasyVFR 4 as well – no charge.

? Download EasyVFR 4 and take it for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back soon for even more great EasyVFR 4 features coming your way. ?

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