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EasyVFR 4 beta – close to release!

We have lost track of how many of you asked us when the next big update for EasyVFR was due. So we are happy to announce it will be soon, our friends, very soon! But we take it step by step, to make sure that every bit is as good as you are hoping for. That is the reason why we took two years of discussing, developing and rebuilding every part of our air navigation app from the ground up.  We strive for the result of this massive team effort to arrive on your devices Spring 2020!


Stay tuned.

The fact that you read this tells us you have discovered our new website too! For now it is a showroom of EasyVFR 4, while our old webshop will continue operating on our existing website. After the launch of EasyVFR 4 our webshop and account management will also be transferred to this new and more modern website.
In the meantime, please visit frequently to discover the latest screenshots and developments which we’ll add every week. The most effective method to stay tuned is subscribing to our newsletter.


Become a test pilot.

We are now ready for you to join us as a test pilot. Over the next weeks we want to invite more and more users to evaluate EasyVFR 4 beta.
If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please sign up for the Early Access. And feel free to make some noise down in the comment section! 🙂

About the author

Tim Peter

Tim Peter

Director of Marketing

Tim is the marketing wizard of the team. By working his magic in the app and on the website, he contributes to EasyVFR by mapping user behaviour and needs, which enables us to improve the app every step of the way. Tim Peter is an avid glider pilot and qualified instructor.

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  1. Arthur Dolk

    dank en ik ben erg benieuwd vooral wat jullie hebben gedaan met de naadloze overgang van kaarten, bijv. van Nederland, België naar Frankrijk en hoe op de route het weer, met name het wolkendek, is verwerkt (vgl. Flitestar). Ik hoop dat ik met de Beta versie mee kan doen. Het is me niet duidelijk of mijn aanmelding doorkwam. Hij haperde, ging toen weg, maar ontving geen bevestiging. Het kan zijn dat het met mijn blockers te maken heeft maar misschien heeft de site een hickup.

    • Tim Peter

      Dag Arthur,

      Super dat je mee wilt doen met het testen!

      Ik zie dat je aanvraag om EasyVFR 4 beta te testen niet bij ons is doorgekomen. Als je het formulier achter de grote roze ‘Get Early Access’ knop hebt ingevuld krijg je een email die je moet bevestigen.
      Mocht je toch problemen hebben met dat formulier dan kan je ook via deze link aanmelden: Mocht ook dat niet lukken dan kan je ons mailen:

      Met vriendelijke groet,

  2. Jan de Schiffart

    Ik kijk er reikhalzend naar uit. Is er nog nieuws? Releasedate?

  3. Roel Westerhof

    Like to try Easy VFR beta

  4. Tomasz Rymar

    Dear Sir
    Once again, thank you for qualifying me and enabling me to participate in EasyVFR 4 B testing. Apart from the problems associated with installing the program on an Acer laptop working with windows 7, my perceived hot remarks are the following
    1. translation from English into Polish
    English “Bread Crumbs” is not Polish – “bread crumbs”
    We are not cooks but pilots and there should be for example-
    “Trail traveled” or more clearly, but too long in Polish “Trail traveled”
    In addition, the program is not stable, stops connecting to the Internet. Above FL 120 this type of trouble was continously on February 15, 2020 – flight EPNL region – EPNT Tatra Mountains back to EP Kazimierz Mała.
    Today, I can’t log in to the program. I don’t know why. The program is really impressive and it is worth refining it – what I wish you friends?
    Tomasz K Rymar

  5. Tomasz Rymar

    English Bread Crumbs By Google translator is “Bulka Tarta.”!- wrong Translation
    In our case proper is “Slad przebyty” or “Slad drogi przebytej”

  6. Bojan Jelen

    super navigation apo

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