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Since the last public release in January a lot has happened. With this blogpost I would like to inform you about the major new functionalities rather than just a boring summary of bug fixes.

Interested in the entire list of new functionalities and improvements instead? Go to the full changelog.

New inflight Audio & Voice notifications

After many requests from you, we have now implemented vocal airspace information to EasyVFR 4! This can come in handy if you are looking outside the cockpit, watching out for other aircraft, and enjoying the view. This vocal information also includes a leg change notification. It will tell you your new heading, altitude, and what the name of your next waypoint is. To enable these voice messages: go to the EasyVFR 4 menu, then to ”Alarms and Warnings” and finally to ”Voice”.

“Advisory Information. Entering Squawk area. Squawk 4676 in two minutes. Listen to Langen Information on 131.330”
“Waypoint change coming up. Turn right Heading 024. Descend altitude 1017 feet. Direct Liederholthouse”

At and around airports

Imagine departing or arriving at an airport. During these two critical phases, you don’t want to be distracted by (vocal) warnings about airspaces you are about to enter as you have done your flight preparation correctly. Therefore we now have the option to auto suppress airspace warnings when within a given distance of your departure or arrival aerodrome that belong to your planned route.

More about these new notifications

Runway extension

Speaking of arrivals, we have added the option to turn the runway feathers on or off within ”Map Layers” and then ”AeroData”. However, if you mark a runway in ”QuickInfo” and then ”Airport” by tapping on its ident, EasyVFR 4 will render the specific runway extension feather regardless of the ”AeroData” setting.

971 Runway extension EasyVFR 4

New regions added

Currently, most countries are slowly opening again after their lockdowns as more and more people are getting vaccinated. With that in mind, we can start planning our holidays, but where to go? Well, as pilots we of course always want to fly, especially on holidays, so you could consider Bulgaria and Greenland as we have added those countries to EasyVFR 4!

deze 1
Don’t know where to go for holidays? We have added Bulgaria and Greenland for you!

Fuel at and around airports

The last thing I would like to mention is the fuel type shown on the map. Depending on the fuel type your aircraft (profile) uses, the availability of this fuel type is from now on shown on the EasyVFR map. If no aircraft profile is selected, all fuel types will be shown for each airport. In this way you are not bothered by seeing fuel types you don’t need. In case you don’t want to see the fuel type(s) on the map, you can simply turn this option off within the ”Map Layers” followed by ”Aerodata” just like with the Runway feathers.

IMG 08CF22BEC9C3 1 edited

Knowing your totals in flight

Time flies when having fun, so to know how fast time has ”flown” you now can see your actual flight time (and distance flown) as route totals within the route window.

And when your flight is done, you don’t have to manually convert bread crumps into a logbook entry as this will be done automatically for you.

972 Actual flight time and flown distance EasyVFR 4

For Dynon SkyView users

As we got a lot of questions from Dynon users, we decided to give the exchange center an overhaul. With this overhaul, one of the biggest changes we made is that we made an ”all or nothing” operation from the approach charts that are downloaded from the Dynon Exchange window. When the Dynon Sync is done, EasyVFR will make sure all approach plates for all selected countries are downloaded, regardless of how long it takes. You as a user have no influence on this anymore. Furthermore, we fixed several issues like plates that would not be copied to your memory stick if you added a new country, but not updated your EFB. Also, never-ending download instructions experienced by some users are now part of history.

Dynon Avionics SkyView blue mountain background

Curious what will be next?

I hope you liked reading this blog post and that you can’t wait to update your EasyVFR 4 app! Currently, we are working on some exciting new features that will be implemented in next future releases. If you want to be one of the first to try them out, you can become a beta tester! Within ”My EasyVFR” you can select the option ”Participate as beta tester” and off you go! All beta and public updates are published at the the forum.

Let’s get started

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? Download EasyVFR 4 and take it for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back soon for even more great EasyVFR 4 features coming your way. ?

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